Rest and Relaxation

Yes, R & R is important. So important in fact, that it is one of the five Pillars of Optimal Health and Wellness. It is so important that it is part of the RICE formula for treating an injury.


See how important rest is, it is on top.

Relaxation is also important. In this day and age pretty much everyone needs to memorize a relaxation routine. Everyone needs to learn the secrets to this skill in order to cope with modern day stress.

Sleep is turning out to be one of the important ingredients for an anti-cancer, anti-heart attack, anti-diabetes, and anti-stress lifestyle.

How do you know if you know what you know? You have to get measured. The LIA Lifestyle Questionnaire measures your R&R lifestyles.

Some things you can get for free but, this one is usually not one of them. The reason is that it takes time to BUILD a habit or relaxation. You have to be shown how to do that and then you have to be helped to make it regular until it is fixed as a habit, a lifestyle habit. We can help you with that, but first you have to make the decision to ask for help. Get yourself measured today. See the link below.


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