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Last updated November 24, 2023.

This library serves several web sites in our network.

These articles are for motivational and informational purposes.

This website which originally opened in the 1990s to service Dr. Ouellette’s chiropractic practice patient base. These articles still have relevance today. This Library is being purposed for the use of Wellness Risk Management. Go to Wellness Risk Management in the library now.


And, before you get into the library full swing, let's just say it is easier, and more readable, to put spaces between words in hypertext links on web pages. If you come across a %20 code it just means your computer should show a space at that point in the link. Other special characters have other codes. Thus, if you copy the first link below (not the text but the link, and paste it somewhere, then you will see four of those codes in the link because if you look at the text on the page there are four spaces in the text between the 1. and the end of the link. If you open the source page you will see all those space in the Hypertext links (https) coded that way. This is a standard format.


1. The Nutrition Essential Essentials
2. Are five servings enough
3. Elderly need Special Food Pyramid
4. Fibre and Bowel TRANSIT Time
5. Food Effects
6. Optimal Nutrition
7. Phytochemicals; more good foods
8. Our fifteen TOP PHYTO FOODS and more
9. Flavonoids
10. A Question on Food and Blood Types
11. The Food Blood Interaction Theory
12. TWENTY WAYS to Check for Food Reactions
13. TEN THINGS you can do to help yourself
14. What are Antioxidants
15. Some Factors that increase your Need for Antioxidants, vitamins and mineral
16. Sugar
17. Vitamin E and heart Attack
18. Water
19. Osteoporosis
20. Diets
21. The Pain Relief Diet
22. The Pain Relief Diet Soliloquy
23. Does the So-Called Anti-Diabetic Diet
24. Some Common Plant Toxins and Antinutrients
25. Where do we find phase 2 protein inducers in our diet
26. How do I balance my meals if I am on the Pain Relief Diet
27. Question on fish oils and immune health
28. Types of foods for a quick lunch
29. Controversy over Which Foods Humans Are Intended to Eat
30. Some Foods That Reduce Pain
31 . Diets A primer
32. Dr Ouellette’s Flavonoid Breakfast with fibre
33. Paradigms and Mind-Sets
34. Food and Blood Flow
35. FoodPainConnection
36. fifteen-foods-to-prevent-heart-attacks


1. Some benefits of exercise
2. Lets talk about the Heart
3. Low Back Exercises
4. Optimal Exercise
5. Shoes
6. The 10 points to proper Shoe fit
7. Orthotics
8. Ten Second Target Heart Rate Chart
9. Secret Face Exercises
10. Why is Ballroom Dancing Good for You
11. Pitfalls in Ballroom Dancing
12. 10, 10, 10, 24-7
13. The Three Levels of Exercise

Spinal Health

1. Children
2. Spinal Health and Industry
3. Spinal Health and Sports
4. Chiropractic Education
5. Dr John Sarno's Theory of Back Pain
6. Posture, Benefits of Good Causes of Bad
7. Carpal Tunnel
8. What is the significance of symptoms
9. Getting the facts about Whiplash
10. Hospital errors cause thousands of deaths
11. Fixations and Food

Rest and Relaxation

1. Optimal Rest & Relaxation
2. Recognize the signs of too much pressure
3. Soothe Away Stress
4. Spa-ah Lingo
5. Tips to help you get to Sleep
6. Sleep
7. Can't Fall Asleep This Might Help
8. Breathing
9. Fatigue and the Pain Relief Diet, What can you do
10. Five Health Benefits of a Vacation
11. Rest & Relaxation Deep Breathing Exercise
12. Get Started with This Guided Meditation
13. Safety Around Hot Tubs and Spas
14. The National Sleep Foundation recommends the following tips
15. The Sauna
16. The State of Rapport
17. A little Speculation now
18. Guided Imagery Drill
19. Visual Field Drill
20. Backward Count Drill From 10
21. Lucid Dreaming
22. Self-Help Immersion Therapy
23. Meditation for Inducing Altered States of Consciousness 

Attitude and Perspective in Life

1. Albert Einstein's Three Rules of Work
2. Anger Control
3. Four Primary Ways to Foster Closeness
4. How to Tame a Perfectionist Streak
5. I Messages make for Healthier Relationships at Work and at Home
6. Mend Relationship snags Daily
7. Mental Health; Awareness
8. Optimal Attitude
9. Social Readjustment Rating Scale
10. Some Basic Communication Skills
11. The Hope Response
12. The Ideal Business
13. The Three Edged Sword
14. Understanding Life as a Three Edged Sword
15. Vicious Cycle Modification
16. Why You Cry
17. You Can Control Change
18. I N S T R U C T I O N S for Life
19. Education
20. Happiness is
21. Make Yourself Happy
22. Jack Schitt (Humour)
23. A Primer for Holiday Survival
24. The Essence of Attitude
25. What does Love have to do with it
26. Attitude on Erotic Rekindling
27. Abandoning Our Pygmalion Projects
28. Attitude
29. The Fifth Force of Nature
30. Anger; three things to focus on
31. The Relationship Secret for 2004
32. Attitude Toward Voice Modulation
33. Sex Appeal Formula
34. How to interpret the opposite sex
35. Dealing with Difficult People
36. Oh Shit
37. AW-G-TT
38. Adult Children
39. Two Fundamental Laws of Attitude and Perspective in Life.pdf
40. Emotional Intelligence
41. Five Pillars of Philosophy A starting point for philosophical

Politics: Ok, we'll say just a little bit because there certainly is attitude involved.
42. understanding-politics.pdf

 43. controlling-the-mind.pdf


The Shit-files Humour 22, 36, 47

Miscellaneous Articles

Good to read and understand but requires quite a lot of effort. A List of Falacious Arguments by Don Lindsay 


Dr. Ouellette's Articles

1. The Five Factors of optimal Health and wellness
2. Prevention
3. Health improvement in the new Millennium
4. Sixteen best things you can do for yourself
5. Four Extra Secrets
6. Five Secret Categories for Sex Appeal
7. What is included in Complementary Alternative Medicine
8. Medical Doctor caused accidental deaths
9. Some Alternative Health Care Ideas
10. Combining Complementary Health Care with traditional
11. Drug Medication Damages
12. Tune up Time for Thin People
13. Clarifying the Health Care Intervention Decision Tree By Dr Victor Jean Ouellette update version 1-1.pdf
14. Protocol-for-Foot-Issues-Men-Women.pdf
15. love-that-age-old-emotion.pdf 

1. What Makes Humans Human? 
4. Genetic Polarity
5. philosophical-advice-from-dr-ouellette.pdf


 Wellness RISK Management (WRM)

Library Section


Making Wellness a Priority

Follow the Science PILOT Wellness Program

The End Goal

S  M  A  R  T

S= Specific

        M= Measurable

    A= Attainable

 R= Relevant

        T= Time-Based 

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Wellness issues flow around the science on Self-Help Wellness.

If a person doesn’t know the science then the chances of following the science are not good. Step one is to get MEASURED for compliance with the science on Self-Help Wellness. Our program at Wellness RISK Management takes care of that measurement process.

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Articles on this web site are for motivational and informational purposes. All health concerns a person may have should pass through licenced, government registered health care providers.

Our particular Niche is Wellness at the multidimensional, Self-Help level.

Wellness RISK Management started with one idea, Making Wellness a Priority, and one person, Dr, Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, Retired Certifications, DNM, RNP, Certified in Acupuncture. See pdf below.

Some Brief History

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1. anatomy-of-resilience
2. learning-resilience-as-a-self-help-tool.pdf
3. wellness-risk-management-definitions-and-basic-structure.pdf
4. a-question-on-the-anti-inflammatory-pain-relief-diet.pdf
5. the-lowdown-on-water.pdf
6. what-we-learned-from-covid-19.pdf
7. problems-with-wellness.pdf  A neat motivation tool.
8. wellness-risk-management-eudaimonia-and-resilience
9. the-foundation-of-wellness.pdf  WRM - Eudaimonia - Resilience
10. people-in-pain-five-points-to-consider.pdf
11. For-CEOs workforce-pilot-project-making-wellness-a-priority This document includes no-quick-fixes
12. For-WORKERs no-quick-fixes
13. new-industry-my-job-now-is-helping-people-with-healthcare.pdf
14. two-major-problems-with-wellness.pdf

 15. further-statement-on-the-politics-in-the-wellness-field.pdf

16. choices-in-the-wellness-risk-management-program.pdf

17. implementation-of-wrm-long-term-vision-for.pdf

18. wrm-long-term-vision-for-instructor-directorship-programs.pdf

19. the-future-at-year-2222.pdf

20. measurement-when-you-take-the.pdf

21. the-ultimate-best-wellness-you-can-get-for-yourself.pdf

22. the-three-greatest-health-risks-people-run.pdf

23. two-main-reasons-why-people-might-want-to-improve.pdf

24. implementation-of-wrm-long-term-vision-for.pdf

25. there-is-a-coupling-of-five-factors-vitally-important.pdf

26. theres-an-old-saying-quite-old.pdf

27. our-wellness-web-site-network.pdf

28. questions-questions-questions.pdf

29. commitment-to-yourself-for-one-year-of-transition-training.pdf

30. wrm-wellness-mind-set-shift.pdf

31. repetition-helps-people-learn.pdf

32. why-do-we-include-clinical-indicators.pdf

33. famous-quote.pdf

 34. where-does-wellness-come-from.pdf


36-various-principles-of-magic-religions-as.pdf   They Relate to Healing and Wellness






 These Are the Most Recent Articles Posted in the Wellness RISK Management   Library.



Subconcussive Brain Trauma in Children

1. subconcussive-brain-trauma-in-children.pdf



Ah, just one article now on physics. I will keep my private library articles private. This article is not written for physicists.




Ah, I am going to have to ponder on this section for a bit. Although it is true that nonsense does strongly impact our Wellness, we can say it is so deeply rooted in our psychological makeup that caution is required in order to avoid just adding more nonsense to already highly confused individuals. We will wait a bit on this but leave this section here as a warning that nonsense is out there, waiting to capture anyone who may have some problems figuring out in-depth topics. Coping skills are ok and this section is one of our internal coping skills. It is an error to think that our psychology, politics, religion comes from just our one human thinking brain.




SARS Overview SARS (2002), MERS (2012), SARS COVID-19 (2019) All Coronaviruses. Links to the YouTube web videos are in the pdf documents below.

1. sars-covid-19-a-good-overview-to-start with.pdf

Two very good YouTube lectures in link /1. above from Ninja Nerd totalling about 1.5 hours covering Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnostics, Treatment, Prevention.

SARS COVID-19 more on the topic from Medcram.com
2. sars-covid-19-more-on-the-topic-from-medcram.pdf

3. covid-19-more-on.pdf
4. items-to-clean-during-pandemics.pdf

Internet emailed advice in the void needs tweaking
5. some-advice-needs-tweaking.pdf

6. face-protection-in-a-pandemic.pdf
  7. immunity-sleep-fever-heat-cold-medcram-videos.pdf
8. new-pandemic-laws-needed.pdf

New Data we just became aware of. I guess we are all waiting on confirmation of this data.
9. Deleted
10. VIDEO-hand-sanitizer-and-fire-2020-03-29.mov
11. hand-sanitiser-and-flammability.pdf

See VIDEO link in the pdf document.
12. not-the-way-to-make-respirator-masks.pdf


14. VIDEO-hand-sanitiser-hazzards-2020-04-04.mp4

  • I got no germs,
  • I got no skin,
  • I got no hair,
  • But I still gots me teeth.

Would you like a Self-Help Immune BOOST?
15. alternate-contrast-shower.pdf

Most important that you read this now and respond.

16. covid-19-the-great-leveller.pdf

I guess we should highlight this now.
The Race Is ON.

17. the-race-is-on.pdf

18. some-community-things-we-need.pdf 

19. worst-case-scenario-food-for-thought.pdf

 20. wellness-is-a-journey-rather-than-a-destination.pdf

 Wellness Risk Management
 21. flyer-how-to-get-started.pdf

Why is SARS-CoV-2 so dangerous?
  22. why-is-sarscov2-so-dangerous.pdf

Why so many unsymptomatic cases?
  23. why-so-many-sars-cov-2-unsymptomatic-infections.pdf

Removing Safety Gloves
  24. removing-contaminated-gloves.pdf



Weight Loss

Weight Loss has a handful of major components.

  1. Current pathology issues 
  2. Current fluid intake issues 
  3. Current fibre intake issues 
  4. Current nutrient intake issues 
  5. Current psychological issues 

We can see that the issues are ‘Book ended’ by Pathology and Psychology.


New science brings us to the need to expand our weight loss formula to include some additional newer concepts to consider in our understanding of obesity. Why are we seeing multiple animal species paralleling the weight gain seen in the human race, including lab animals that are on strictly controlled diet and exercise regimes?

OBESOGENS and INFECTOGENS (INFECTOBESITY) must now be brought into the Weight Loss Formula as we learn that willpower and personal responsibility are by far the lesser component needs of weight loss.

The EIGHTH Weight Loss factor to now consider, FOOD ADDICTION.

Yale Food Addiction Scale
The scale includes items that assess specific criteria, such as diminished control over consumption, a persistent desire or repeated unsuccessful attempts to quit, withdrawal, and clinically significant impairment.

The dYFAS-C 2.0 may be particularly useful in non-clinical, community samples, where clinical levels of food addiction may be low. (C stands for Children.)

There is enough evidence now when comparing the brain function of people with drug addictions to people who are overweight to obese, that these people respond DIFFERENTLY to certain foods than others do.

1. Weight Loss Calorie Dietary Guidelines
2. Products for Weight Loss
3. Protein Page 1 of 5 The All Protein Diet
4. Protein Page 2 of 5 Protein Basics
5. Protein Page 3 of 5 Protein Content in Some Vegetables and Fruits
6. Protein Page 4 of 5 Protein Content in Common Foods
7. Protein Page 5 of 5 Protein
8. So you want to lose weight do you (Dr. Ouellette's 444 rule.) Yo, what's that?
9. The Protein-Carb War
10. Weight Control French Secrets to Staying Slim

OBESOGENS and INFECTOGENS need to be added to the formula.
11. Weight Loss Formula the OptimalHealthSecrets way Page 1 of 7
12. Weight Loss Formula the OptimalHealthSecrets way Page 2 of 7
13. Weight Loss Formula the OptimalHealthSecrets way Page 3 of 7
14. Weight Loss Formula the OptimalHealthSecrets way Page 4 of 7
15. Weight Loss Formula the OptimalHealthSecrets way Page 5 of 7
16. Weight Loss Formula the OptimalHealthSecrets way Page 6 of 7
17. Weight Loss Formula the OptimalHealthSecrets way Page 7 of 7 


We are going to add two new sections here but, require people to contact us and ask for the links.

 View our 30 second video at the bottom of this page please.

See 30 second video link here if the video won't play for you. library-video1-cancer-libido.mp4 

See 30 second video link here if the above video won't play for you. library-video2-cancer-cannot-shut-off.mp4


NOTE: You are going to have to do your OWN 'Due Diligence'. Please don't expect us to do that for you.


Cutting Edge Self-Help Cancer Strategies


As this topic touched Dr. Ouellette's family in the early 2000's he has something to say on it.

Notes on Cancer

The NEW Pathway to CURE

I like the science that cancer cells revert back to their primordial physiology of 2.5 billion years ago before oxygen was present on the Earth. How did cells survive without oxygen? They used a fermentation process that did not require oxygen. These cells lived until they consumed all their local resources then they died. 
Today, when the machinery of cells messes up in either the cytoplasm or the mitochondria, then the ancient pathways of uncontrolled growth can take place using that fermentation process with sugar. Glutamine is another energy source for cancers. We see here in all this that Oxygen is not required. 
Does that tell us something about how to treat cancer? 

The NEW modern way is to first initiate ketosis to starve the cancer cells of glucose, but at the same time, that process provides sustenance for normal tissue cells.

Medical Assessment for various endocrine diseases, blood pressure diseases, diabetes etc. is necessary. 
A team approach is necessary. 
Specialized Chemotherapies can come into play once keto metabolism is established. 

One Last Caveat

There is a considerable difference between natural sugars in foods and refined sugars ADDED to foods. The refined sugars are like powerful poisons that kill. That is why you can leave table sugar out on the table for weeks/months and it does not go bad. Just think about how long a restaurant leaves its sugar out on the table. 
If you crave a sweet snack then think of natural foods. 
If you already have cancer then AVOID all sweet snacks including natural ones. And get help.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS



Dr. Ouellette

 Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet


 Cheating on Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet


 Pain Relief Diet

Real world relief that you can unleash. The non-drug, non-artificial method of the FoodPain Connection. Learn the secrets.  



See 30 second video link here if the above video won't play for you. library-video1-cancer-libido.mp4



See 30 second video link here if the above video won't play for you. library-video2-cancer-cannot-shut-off.mp4