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Wellness Stratification of the Human Population

Why Qualification is necessary.

By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS

This is how the human population stratifies with regard to Wellness and why Qualification is necessary.

  • Group one is people who participate in multiple forms of Wellness with their body and their mind having made efforts to stick with true scientific standards.
  • Group two is people who participate in some form of physical activity for physical fitness purposes.
  • Group three is people who are too busy to actively work at helping themselves with Wellness strategies, or they have no inclination to build Wellness in themselves.
  • Group four is people who have an obsessive attraction to numerous supposedly Wellness strategies but inevitably get sidetracked by pseudoscience.

Wellness RISK Management measures people against the science of Self-Help Wellness. The stratification problem with regard to the human race presents a problem such that Wellness RISK Management requires a participant to qualify. The qualification process is a mental attitude that is required with regard to Self-Help Wellness.

We see that a key component of Self-Help Wellness is wanting to help oneself. Just ‘WANTING’ though, is not enough. A person has to want to ‘do’ and then get the ‘doing’ done.

Wellness RISK Management can help a person with the ‘Wanting’, can help a person with the ‘doing’, can help a person with the strategies, however, in the end, the ‘doing’ is up to the individual. We have taken the effort to explain this qualification in order to save the time and resources of those not ready for Wellness RISK Management.

In Wellness RISKManagement we are dispelling the philosophy of ignorance and embracing the philosophy of discovery. We start by analysing a person’s lifestyle as compared to what science has already shown to be effective. That process identifies (discovers) the good parts and the bad parts. We then prioritize discovered needs. This is all done after the MEASUREMENT process. The measurement is simply asking a lot of questions, a LOT of questions. The answers lead to the discovery. BUT, ‘KNOWING’ is not ‘DOING’. This is where the problem comes in with healthcare. Healthcare in our modern societies is really mostly ‘disease-care’ after the disease sets in. In Self-Help Wellness most people need an additional service we call WORKSHOPS. This is where connection is found, specifically connection to specialists in Action Plan compliance. Wellness RISK Management delivers the measurement, the analysis, the identification, the prioritization and the motivation. Workshops help a client complete the Action Plan Compliance phase of Wellness Self-Help Strategies and Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies.



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