The Pain Relief Lifestyle

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Five Secrets about pain.

Want to learn how to eat to reduce the inflammatory reaction without dangerous drugs?

Food and pain? The Pain Relief Diet?

Did you know that food and pain are linked? They are linked in a powerful way that the drug companies do not want you to know about.

The Pain Relief Lifestyle is a way of living that promotes pain relief and encourages your body to produce hormones and natural physiological chemicals that reduce pain. There are several things that you will have to learn.

Medical doctors are specialists in surgery and drugs. They are good at that. Do they know about food and pain? NO! You will get the medical model line if you ask.

At one time medical doctors did not know that food and pain were linked so they said they were not linked. WRONG! Why don't they tell you now? Because they are specialists in surgery and drugs that's why. It is really pretty simple. Their specialty is not food and pain so they don't want to look silly not knowing much about it. At one time medical doctors did not know about the cancer and food link, or the heartburn and food link, or the ulcers and food link, or the heart disease and food link, or even the diabetes and food link. They are very good at recommending drugs for all these things though.

Food is not the medical doctor's specialty no matter what they say about it. Six hours of nutrition in medical school just does not qualify.

You want to learn about food and pain then you have to go to the specialists. The Pain Relief Diet was designed by just such a specialist.

For fast acting relief you will need more than just food. You will have to add some manual therapies that science has shown to be very helpful. Chiropractic care and deep fibre therapy are two easy well-researched ones. You just have to find the right people.

The Pain Relief Diet is your ticket to escape from pain. Get on the diet before it is too late.

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The But File

But, diet is not all that offers pain relief in a natural way. So does exercise. But, if you are in so much pain that you can't exercise or if the exercise you do perform makes you hurt more, then you are in what is called a catch 22 situation. We will help you get out of that situation. We will help motivate you. But, you have to take the first step to contact us. Take the LIA Lifestyle Questionnaire now. Find out where your scores are.


The Six Best Products
There are six products that are quite helpful for pain relief and optimal health. These products are the first six that we list on our products page. A good multivitamin and mineral starts things off. The master antioxident Glutathione is second. Extra Calcium and magnesium in a formula that supports bone and joint health is next. Oils that switch the physiology over from pain producing hormones to pain relieving hormones are next. Glucosamine in a special joint formula to encourage good joint health is a must for crisis or chronic pain. And lastly, a fabulous formula of specific natural anti-inflammatory products is needed.

When you combine these products at the same time with manual therapies, the Pain Relief Diet, and Lifestyle Instruction Aid then you have a winning formula even for chronic long term pain.



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